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Can i use milk drop for youtube videos ?


I'm a research scientist working with music in a 'different' way.... Ive been working on a project full time for about 10 years now....

The end result of my work is music tracks.

Id like to create youtube vids with my music and with milk drop visualizations in the back grounded....

How do I get permission to do this?

I cant afford a commercial license for this, Im not exactly well off, and Ive been entirely self funded in the work Ive been doing.... I have about 4000 people world wide that belong in some online groups dedicated to my work, but I live on an extremely small amount of cash monthly just for survival, the people in my groups literally finance my daily bread, but no exageration, its a daily challenge being able to pay for gas in my car and to put a few meals into me.... not complaining, just telling it as it is, the work Im doing is a labour of love, not doing this for recognition or to become rich, just trying to do my part to make the world a better place and I could use a hand, you can verify that Im for real, my website is here ;

My hope is that one day I will experience a greater return financially, to have a normal life somewhat, but not there yet

My intention for the youtube vids is to put about 3 to 5 mins of my music on the tracks along with various milk drop images from the visualizer, and then at the end point viewers to my website, to hopefully build awareness of my work, who I am, what Im doing and why....

I did ask one fellow who made a different plug in for win amp if I could have his permission,
( not milk drop ) and got the following response ;


From: Zsolt Nagy <>
Subject: Re: Inquiry about your WinAmp Plugin
To: "Doc Stars" <>
Received: Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 6:24 AM


There are no restrictions except from adding a link to, preferably at the end of your videos.

Good Luck

On 29 sep 2010, at 07.38, Doc Stars wrote:


I create music, Id like to screen capture video produced by Winamp and your visualization plug in as its responding to my music. I would like to upload this then to youtube.

Am I free to do this using your software, are there any restrictions?
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