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2.91 - directsound - fast forward sound


I don't know if this is a real bug, but it's a thing that’s bugging me.
When I want to search through a song, I use the arrow keys, and when you hold them I want to hear a sound like when you push the fast-forward button of a cd-player...
To achieve this, I had to disable fading (duh) but I also had to enable the "remove silence" option?
If that option is disabled winamp goes completely silent

Changing the buffer to a higher value (2000+) makes winamp play some sound when holding down the arrow keys, but i rather have the buffer on 200ms. The size of "prebuffer on seek" doesn't affect this.

The only solution I found is enabling "remove silence" or changing my keyboard repeat rate (under win2k default very fast)

I like this thing to work without the remove silence option on, and with a small buffer, anyone ideas?

Thnx Jim
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you can do this without messing around with buffers
hold down shift and drag the seeking bar with the mouse

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