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2.91, sound sometimes gets distorted

Sometimes when I'm using Winamp, the sound becomes corrupted. Whether I'm listening to an mp3 or watching a movie, the sound will become all warbly and distorted. I don't know exactly how to reproduce, it happens sometimes when there's a load on the cpu.
I'm running 2.91 on xp pro sp1, on an xp2400+
It's only a problem with Winamp (i.e. no other players ever have this problem)
It's making me have to use other programs to watch videos and stuff because I don't like randomly having sound get corrupted. I want good winamp back! lol. When I close Winamp and reopen the program goes away (just to come back later)
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What is your audio device? (make/model)
Is it a pci soundcard or an onboard sound chip?

Have you installed any 3rd-party plugins? (gen, dsp/fx, output)
Any vis plugins running at the time?
(eg. avs is very cpu-intensive at fullscreen high res or large windowed)

Are you using DirectSound Output?

Try the following:
Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Output -> DirectSound -> config:
Buffering tab:
Checkmark "enable cpu usage control"

Try playback now.

If the problem persists, go back into DS config:
Device tab:
Make sure your soundcard/chip is selected as Output Device.
If available, checkmark "allow hardware acceleration"
Experiment with "create primary buffer".
Try with one or both of these options enabled.

If the problem still persists, then it could be driver related
(I know you said it doesn't happen with other players, but Winamp tends to bring the worst out of bad audio drivers)
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