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media library and video

i am running win98 and winamp 2.91. i have winamp set up to minimize to system tray. while NOT minimized i show the main window, eq, playlist, video, and library. then i minimize winamp. then i right click the winamp icon in the system tray and click library. i right click again and show video. now all i see on my screen is library and video... (main window, eq, and playlist is still minimized to system tray. next i close library and video by click its X in the top right. then i UNminimize winamp and library and video are back as if i didnt close them just previously. see if you can replicate this problem.
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reproduced, win95b/winamp 2.81+2.91 with 'show winamp in system tray only' and 'show winamp in taskbar and system tray' options

it shows the ml and video windows but their entries in winamp's menu aren't checked!
the same with the eq, if i disable the eq by rightclicking the icon when winamp is minimized to the systray it is back when i maximize winamp

also there's a difference between how the windows react on clicking their menu entry: the video/eq (buildin) windows appear or disappear depending on whether the checkmark is added to the front of their menu entry by clicking
the ml window appears/disappears always when you click it's menu entry and the check seems to be added removed afterwards
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Well, I've reproduced it, but I'm not sure what it all means...
Is it a bug, a feature (by design), a glitch, or what?

There's a similar behaviour if you minimize to the taskbar as well,
except i won't let you restore by simply left clicking the taskbar icon,
you've got to use "right click -> restore" instead...
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