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Music won't transfer from Winamp to Ipod!!

I just downloaded winamp 5.whatever and I also downloaded the ipod plugin. Winamp is recognizing ipod and playing music from it but when I try to transfer music to the ipod it says 0 files transfered. I've tried a dozen different songs. Nothing works. Any ideas????

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Did you originally load your ipod using itunes? If so, there's your problem. The database on the ipod will not match the winamp music library even though the songs may be the same.

If all your music is on your PC, the simplest solution is as follows:

Connect your ipod to your PC, and run winamp. Make sure itunes isn't running and trying to sync with your ipod as well (ie, turn off the autorun feature in itunes). Then, go into the ipod config window in winamp ml_ipod and format your ipod. This will erase all the songs on it. Then, sync your ipod in winamp to load your music library onto your ipod again. This way, the databases will match.

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I've used my ipod with iTunes before I started using the winamp plugin, and I didn't have to re-format.

When you transfer a song from media library to iPod, make sure you can play that song. I'm thinking your media library entries may not be valid.
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Similar Problem?

I may have a similar problem. I'm running 98 SE, and I have working drivers and my ipod is visible as a removable disk.

However, whenever I try to transfer a file, the "Transferring..." window has a "Transfer Error!" and the file doesn't go through. Similar things happen if I try to sync.

(I can transfer files with Anapod, but I'd really rather use winamp, partly because I use it anyway and partly because I really don't have the money to buy the usable version of Anapod.)
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