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Encoding problems

Ok I have read the post atop the forum.

I have followed it to the letter, but still no go.
I have my own music server going, I set that up in 10 min.
this seams to be a little more of a challenge

Ok so I am trying to encode a movie I made. it is in wmv format..

in the NSVenc /config I have the options like they said.

now when I type NSVenc title.wmv title.nsv I get an error...

here is what I get returend from DOS

C:\Program Files\NSVenc>NSVenc When good sims go crazy.wmv Crazy.nsv
NSVenc v0.80 (4/19/03) - Copyright (C) 2001-2003, Nullsoft Inc.
DShow: error opening file/stream.

ok soo what am I doing wrong?

I have even tryed swiches but still no go.

Thank you for any help.

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maybe (posible that this doesnt work) try renaming the file to something without spaces
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You don't need to rename the file, but if it has spaces, you need to put it in quotes.

So try:
nsvenc "title.wmv" "title.nsv"

Also, try installing the latest windows media player if that doesn't work.

NSV downloads
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it's the lack of quotes, use quotes, that fixes it. spaces in files are lame and microsoft is lame to not replace space with _ automatically, it would save so much trouble like this

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