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Chinese Text?

So I Installed the newest version of Winamp and tried to use Milkdrop 2.21 in VJ Mode. It seemed to be going well untill I tried to edit the Per-Frame code of one of the presets, when was was quite confused to find all of the code in what seems to be simplified chinese.
I checked the other code sections: Per-Pixel, Warp Shader, Composite Shader etc. and found all the code in those sections also had this problem.

I've tried changing the fonts in the Config menu with no effect. Finally I tried a complete reinstall and tried it first thing. No change.

Also interesting was that when I erased the chinese text and substituded english text, it didnt work. However, I got no error either way.

In closing: WTF.

Please help.
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see http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=321880

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