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insert multiple files

How can I add multiple files to the playlist. Winamp must be using something other than adding them one at the time since loading a whole directory is very fast.

The API however (as far as I can see) only let me add one file at the time, making the adding of a whole directory quite slow...

Anyone know how Winamp does it?

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from what i remember you can use one of the apis to add either a single file or you can specify it as a playlist and then it will load all of the files specified. seeing as all winamp needs is a list of the files in text, saving out and loading _could_ be quicker especially the larger the number to add gets against the single option.

as for the "Anyone know how Winamp does it?", i guess it's all optimised inside and it adds files via the directory enumeration directly into the internal lists, etc.

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Hmm, quite some time since I asked about this...it worked kinda good though...however, it seems that when I try to add the playlist to a specific point in the playlist it adds the first file in the m3u files at the specified position but the rest at the bottom...

Can I get the whole list inserted at the right place?

btw, I'm using IPC_PE_INSERTFILENAME to insert the m3u.

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