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"play tracks similar to..." crash

I have had this problem since starting using winamp, (around version 5.4) but when i first click on "play tracks similar to..." after right clicking a song it brings up the menu asking me to scan my collection etc.

During the scan it gets to the 4th stage before winamp closes itself without warning.

after opening again and clicking "play songs similar to..." again to try and restart the scan, the box comes up and i start the scan, but then a message box comes up repeatedly saying "playlist generator failed to initialize" and this error keeps coming up untill i open task manager and end winamps process.

i have tried reinstalling, i have the latest version of winamp and it still doesnt work, i have attatched a copy of the plugins installed and a hijackthis log.

thanks for any help and please ask me any questions as i found it quite difficult to explain exactly what happens.
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Im having the exact same issue, I had this issue when the new version of winamp was released and I couldnt figure out how to fix it, so I stopped using the mix feature thinking that the problem could have been with my OS (I was using win2k). Aaaages later I started using windows 2003 and now I still have the same problem, so it seems its most definetly an issue with winamp itself.
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no one have any idea?
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blodger14, your issue has been addressed before (see
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....hreadid=278652), but it appears to have slipped off the front page of topics. And sad to say, there's no solution in that thread either.

I did all the recommended steps in that thread (deleted the cddbplm files, re-scanned the library, re-scanned the database, installed the in_mp3.dll patch, completely re-installed Winamp) several times and nothing worked: I still had the same error in Step 4 of the cddb/gracenote scan and resulting crash.

What eventually worked for me was that I did a complete defrag of my system. The analysis phase showed several mp3 files that were fragmented. After the defrag, Winamp behaved as advertised and the "play tracks similar to..." feature worked. I don't know if that is "THE" solution, but it worked for me.
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