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PlEdit still does not work properly

PlEdit in MAKI truncates the file name so files with names longer than about 128 characters do not return values. This has been reported before, but it has never been fixed. The reply was that this is a Windows limitation. But Winamp manages to do things correctly for the internal functions, so I am sure there is a way of making it work properly. This is easily reproduced by having a file name (full path) longer than 128 characters and getting the info, and then outputting it. I realize this is a low priority item, but it has hung for a number of release cycles.
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it's never been 'fixed' as no one has looked into it (maybe martin did but i don't see any changes relating to this) or been able to confirm there is even an issue with it as there's no simple example skin provided to show the issue. without an example to reproduce this (just saying add x,y,z to a script isn't ideal as some of us don't do skinning or don't have the time to mess around making test skins) is most likely the reason you've been ignored (forum stickies do request full information as well about the install being used).

additionally no one else has ever reported such an issue (that i can see) or done a 'me too' to the 3 threads i can see where you've re-posted this issue.

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