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How to export playlists?

I tried to save time by looking for how to export existing playlists from Winamp so that I can import them into another winamp installation on a different computer.

I assumed that function to be present, as there is an "import" button. But I could not find an adequate for exporting.

After using google, read the winamp FAQ and searching through the help documentation (keywords: "export playlist") I finally registered to this forum and created this post.

By now, just retyping the playlist entries (they are mainly URLs) would have been finished already, so I did not really save much time...

So: to cut a long story short: How can I export the playlists (not the items of each list, but all playlists as such) from one winamp installation to a different one (same versions 5.623).

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Are these all playlists that you've added to the Playlists section in the Media Library?

If yes, then they are stored in the %appdata%\winamp\plugins\ml folder as *.m3u(8) playlist files.
Said .m3u8 files are linked to by playlists.xml

You can just copy these files over.

You can manually edit the .m3u8 files in Notepad, if needs be
(eg. by using the Find+Replace feature to fix broken paths).

Though if the entries are all url's, then it's unlikely that you'll need to fix paths.

(ie. if the entries are for local files, then chances are that the drive letter and/or folder structure is different on the new pc).

If the playlists aren't stored in the ML, then you can just use the Manage Playlists button at the bottom of the Playlist to Save the playlist to an .m3u (or .m3u8 file, if the entries contain any Unicode characters).

If you save the playlists to the same drive as the music files, then the paths will be relative.
If you save to a different drive, then the paths will be absolute.

ps. the latest version is v5.63
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i happen to be on a mac and cant use any of my winampplaylists there (because of some thing called relative path or so, and some / \ issue...idontknow)

anyway, is there a format i can export the pl into something that will work on a mac zb. itunes (i hate itunes, but if it works there...)

(and why doesnt the name of the playlist appear in the saving dialog as file name, when i try to save a playlist?? should be )
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