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Anybody know how to compress GIF files?

this has nothing to do with skins but ive seen this problem in this forum before, searched for it, and couldnt find my answer, so..

does anybody know how to compress down an animated gif maybe so i can use it in these forums or on devart?

heres the image, it may even be to big to attach, so if i hafta edit this then i think im in trouble

oh and so we arent to off skins topic, we are only a few weeks from christmas, so Artex will be releasing pack 5, Cytosine very soon, with 2 skins from me and a few more skins from the others

and if im ot mistaken breed has a new release on the 16th....dunno tho, hafta ask 883

er....edit....should also add that i didnt make that avatar, ViDa made it for me, so he gets all the credit
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Animation shop works fine.

Heres a 19k version (down from 52k) that'll work here.

Devart doesnt have as strict file size limitations (i think) so you might be able to get away with using the original.
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hey thats great!....(but somehow seems more evil then the one i made )
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I have a program called GIF Movie Gear that allows different types of optimization: colour reduction, transparent areas, frame deletion...

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the absolutly most powerfull gif compressor with the most options is ImageReady, it comes free with Photoshop since # version 4.
at the botton of the toolbar in photoshop there in a button that opens imageready, you can switch back and forth from the two programs, they poth work with slices,layers,and filters and inbetween frame tools. lots of realy cool stuff
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