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Searched 3+ hours, still can't find it.

I really have and am searching.

What I'm trying to find is the plain ol' Classic skin, but with red text instead of green. Simple, perhaps too simple. If anyone could help out, I'd sure appreciate it. I'd considered creating a skin, but seems like an awful lot of effort for something so simple. Thanks in advance.


PS~What happened to the other 6000+ threads in this section? I can't believe they've really been pared down to the four that are here curently. *shrug*
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You will not find it.

If you want the classic skin modified like that, you will have to do it yourself.

Please do not submit default skin modifications, they will be rejected.

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You can view older threads by messing with the "sorting options" toward the bottom of the thread. Old threads aren't gone, they just aren't "active."

As for your request:
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....hreadid=189504 Download this skin, and unzip it to a folder within your winamp/skins directory. Open text.bmp and color the green text red (this can be done fairly easily even with MS Paint, just use the right-click function of the eraser). Then you should be all set.

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Thank you both for your help. It looks like this won't be as hard to do myself as I thought it would. I've always been a bit annoyed that this isn't an option that comes with WinAmp, the same as it is with a lot of car stereos. Anyway, thanks again.

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