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When Oregon women go bad.

Bachelorette #1 is Korena Roberts who killed her friend by bashing her head in and carving the unborn baby out of her so that she could claim the baby as her own. She killed the baby and her friend in the attempt. This leaves the pro and anti abortion people in an uproar because some of our politicians would like to see Korena prosecuted for murdering the baby as well as her friend. In Oregon killing an unborn baby isn't a crime. The anti-abortion folks consider this a "slippery slope" that could somehow curb abortion rights.


Bachelorette #2 is Melissa Stephens, founder of an arts school accused of rape, sodomy and sex abuse with a 10 year old boy.


Bachelorette #3 is Araceli Velasquez Espain who allegedly killed her new born baby by dumping it in a port-a-potty.


Bachelorette #4 is Amanda Jo Stott-Smith who allegedly killed her 4 year old son and attempted to kill her daughter by tossing them off the Sellwood Bridge into the Willamette River.


Wow. Every once in a while women go nuts around here, but this seems like it's a pandemic! I hadn't read the paper in about a week. Usually not much happens. Stevens and Roberts are in the Washington County Jail, which is couple miles from my house. A guy I know was in the local hospital watching his little girl get born when the murdered baby and mother showed up.

Prior to this the noteworthy local news has been mostly about Sam Adams, Portlands gay mayor, who likes to make out with teenage boys in the restroom, but does wait until they are 18 years and a minute old to actually have sex with them.

Yep. Usually we get contrived un-news for local news. Not this week.

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