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VBR and Track repeat

Been using Winamp for years without problems.
Noticed today that some tracks were getting about 1/2 to 2/3 through when they started again. Not exactly sure, but I think it is the same postion each time and not random.
Track time position keeps on incrementing. If you select time to go, the negative value reaches zero then starts increasing positive.

Un-installed, deleted folder, downloaded 5.5.
Same problem.

After some playing about I noticed it was only VBR encoded tracks doing this. Nearly all my collection is VBR and they played just fine on Winamp before.
Encoded using Creative Playcentre, which seems to still play them OK, as does Windows Media Player (not sure if that supports VBR though?)

Output Plugin is Direct Sound V2.47.
No other add-ons.
Windows System is XP.

Weird one?
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VBRs generally does not cause any problems. The behavior you described can be indication of a bad VBR header and the issues can be intermittent. If that is the case, try VBR Fix | (alternate VBRfix downloads). It can be used to fix MP3s with bad VBR. As a precaution, I would suggest backingup the MP3(s) before applying the fix. Other possible signs of bad VBR headers are...
  • Discrepancy between the time shown in the PL and the main window
  • Different times shown in playlist each time the file is loaded.
  • Wild variations in the KBPS display during playback.
    Although variations in the KBPS are normal for VBR files, those with bad headers may have unusually "intense" variations.
  • Song/music ending early or jumping/skipping (as you mentioned)
  • Problems using the seek bar
Otherwise, please post Winamp & system specs. What do you have for third party Winamp plug-ins (if any)? What formats does this happen with?

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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If the problem persists after installing the in_mp3 update patch (see "Winamp 5.5 Released - Patch Info inside" sticky thread at the top of this forum), then please provide us with a link to a sample file that exhibits this behavior.

If you don't want the link to be public, then PM it to me.
You can upload to either your own webspace, or any of stashbox.org, sendspace.com, mediainfo.com, and provide me with the download url.
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Errr whoops, I forgot about the patch.

Keith, follow DJ Egg's advice first.
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