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Restore Preferences after Winamp ReInstallation

I often reinstall Winamp because of my MS-XP freezing down & crushing the Winamp. But it wasn't a problem when I used Winamp of 5.0-5.1 version - I just copied some files/folders. When I switched to Winamp 5.35 I was a bit annoyed as I had to find another files in another places.
Finally with copying Winamp.ini, ml folder, gen_ml.ini and out_ds.dll I became happy

In Winamp 5.5 I find no previous Prefs files. After it's reinstallation I even copied from previous Winamp 5.5 Installation the whole System & Plugins folders and all the root folder dlls but I see no previous Preferences!

How can I quickly restore my Preferences:
- General
- Global Hotkeys
- Media library prefs / filters
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If you did a clean install of Winamp v5.5 then the prefs and settings are stored in %appdata%\Winamp. Just enter that into Windows Explorer and it will take you there.

If it wasn't a clean install of Winamp v5.5 then it will use the location based on your previous install of Winamp. If you still used the single settings option then they are in the Winamp root directory (usually %programfiles%\Winamp). If you started using the multi-user settings then they are stored in %appdata%\Winamp.

Also we might be able to help you solve your troubles with Winamp. Next time you start to have problems, post here and describe them, also read the sticky at the top of this forum which details what we might need to help you.

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Well, thank you a lot J_Darnley!

I've found those %appdata%\Winamp settings, though 5.5 to my mind hasn't asked me for my prefs location (i.e. all users/me alone)

It's bad that reinstall kills all the prefs, they IMHO should stay (or be allowed to be chosen to) after the Reinstall. Or even to have feature in Options/Preferenses like "save prefs to..."
though this thought is for another place in the forum
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