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What is your favorite bad review?

After looking at the the WA skins thread http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=93380 I thought it would to be fun see what you people think is the funniest idiotic comment that you have even seen on an AVS review.

I will start the ball rolling for me it has to be:

Whacko AVS IV

Vincent Mostert gave it
idiot lamer posted on April 19, 2002 @ 6:2 AM
finally another virus attack from this whacky boy!!!! please stop this neo-nazi kind of propaganda! he tought he smart enough to blind us. the truth is out there.

Where do these people come from?

"Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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my favourite(s) is by Mohammed Ali Rezpanah, y'all know who he is, i don't need to explain more

review's like that and other stuff made me to stop releasing stuff on winamp.com, i believe that 1 deviantart download is worth 100 winamp.com downloads.

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True Montana... In Winamp.com, people who download our packs are passerbies looking for good plug-ins. Remember, AVS preset listings are not sorted in date, thus causing the people who looks for good recent plugins get a lot of AVS presets in the way.
They thought it's wourthwhile, and even the best of AVS can't help them - They compare it to other "better" plugins.
In Deviantart, it's a whole new section, you can sort it, and the only people who go there (hopefully) are those who wants AVS presets, not some passerbies.

Favorite lame comment? Hmm, dunno... But there's always a person who gives hoaxes about not downloading the Whacko series as a review on it... I don't remember whether it's different people or the same person though... such wicked mind...

[soon to leave, sirs]
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Rova: That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw this thread Apparently this guy has some wierd grudge against UnConeD - he's been attacking him in the forums here, and even in HIS acko.net forums He has no idea how stupid he looks.

"guilt is the cause of more disauders
than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings
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