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Help Streaming Radio Stations - Please Help !!!!!

I am having problems listening to streamed music from the following and I hope someone can really help :
The Link I am trying to listen to is from a Website and it is :

I have tried clicking the link (as above) and receive a C:\Documents and Settings........Tempororary Internet Files.......\Content.IE5\CXQZCHMV\bbhigh[1].pls

with an


I have also copied the above into the Playlist of Winamp and all I ever get then is (error syncing mpeg)http://www.tranceairwaves.com/stream/bbhigh.pls

I have tried to delete my Internet Cache as someone recommended in the Forum but the bbhigh[1].pls is just always placed back in there.

I have installed version 5.05 (was 2.91) and the same happens. I have fully un-installed and re-insatlled both 2.91 and 5.05 and the same happens even if I have I have turned Firewall (in XP) off and also my Norton Antivirus Automatic protection switched off as as I read somewhere in the Forum that this sometimes affects listening to streamed music !!

I have Shoutcast Installed (as I was looking into streaming some of my own music to friends) but am sure this is not affecting my listening (or is it ?). I would be very grateful for any help or pointers in how I can over come this problem.
Many thanks
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no problem to listen to this link , I don't know what your isp gives you as your downloadspeed, but on broadband the 160kbps signal this station has gives me no problem.

just copy the link into open url in a player that can handle a /listen.pls and you should be able to listen.

(tried it in Qcd, Winamp, and even in windows media player without the /listen.pls and all gave me without any buffers the signal from this station)

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Tried all but no streaming

Thanks for your reply but unfortunately it is not very helpful !! I know most people can copy the URL into Winamp or whatever but I cant and get the messages described earlier therefore I need some help to overcome it ! Thanks anyway and I know you would liked to have been able to help but I really dont need info on what I should be doing because what I should be doing is what I HAVE been doing !!

ANYONE ELSE got any suggestion PLEASE !!!!!!!
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If you have the Tara plug in…
Originally posted by ujay
Turn off 'Process audio through Winamp' in the Tara Config screen. (Prefs > Input > Tara).
Otherwise, try one or more of the following...
  • Make sure Winamp's 'Internet Connection' settings correctly reflects your internet connection. Ctrl+P > General Preferences
  • Close Winamp, Windows and reboot the computer.

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In addition to JM's suggestions (re: Winamp connection settings) . . .

1. Empty your internet cache
Close IE6, go to: Control Panel > Internet Options > General tab > Temp Internet Files > Delete > OK
Whilst in there, go to the Advanced tab, and make sure "Do not save encrypted files to disk" is NOT checkmarked.

2. Make sure Winamp is properly associated with PLS playlists.
Winamp 5.05 > Prefs > File Types:
Make sure PLS is selected in the list.
Then go to: Windows Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types tab:
Scroll down to & hi-lite PLS.
Click "Advanced".
Make sure the default action is "Play in Winamp"
and the command line for this (c/o Edit) is:
"C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
(adjust accordingly if winamp is not installed to the default dir).

If you right click your pls stream link and select "Save Target As",
save the .pls to a folder on your hard drive,
then open it in Notepad,
can you get any of these listed direct streams to play?

Apart from all that, please confirm that you are logged on with an admin account, and not a limited user account.
The only reference to this error @ MS Support is this, though it seems to only apply to Win2k pre sp3, and not WinXP sp2.

If the problem persists, please include a HJT log in your reply.
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DJ Egg - Thank You Very Much !!!!!!!!!

DJ Egg thanks for your time and trouble in helping me. I tried exactly what you said and I am now up and running listening to some great (imho) streamed music. From the problem I have learnt a little more and this I ma grateful
Once again many thanks

Voodoo Boy
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