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year auto filling with 11500xxxxx type number?

If this has already been addressed (and I feel it has somewhere -rtfm!-)...i'm just over looking it.
I've read "Information required when posting (ignore this and you WILL be ignored)"
post as well...
I'm light on the details, but don't think they'd apply to my question - Let me know if you want it - I'll get it.

Have Ipod Mini running with Win2k SP 2 using Winamp 5.21 Full.
I just reinstalled the OS and have minimal installed (I haven't even installed flash or shockwave yet...or even any codec's!). Itunes is not installed.

When I edit artist / title etc...of tunes...
most (all?) of the tracks I edit place a number like
11500xxxxx (where x are numbers) into the year field?

The field is blank when I submit.
Was blank before I edit...
but if I go back...this number has been generated?

The numbers are a little different for each track.

Anyone able to shine some light for me?

Also - If I check the button to set/edit the year (make it active/ungreyed out) and submit - it doesn't insert this number.
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sorry but your thread didn't make sense to me. please clarify.
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Re: year auto filling with 11500xxxxx type number?


I did a clean install - new partition tables etc...
I hooked up my Ipod Mini
and with Winamp 5.1 full I began to edit the
tags of each mp3 as I never really bothered to finely organize it much before.
So I start filling in Genre's, being sure that the songs name was in the songs name field - the band was in the artist name field (because sometimes the band and the song are in the same field etc..)
Basically house cleaning the ipod.

I did not edit the Album / track number / or year fields.
This said...after I had edited a number of the tunes...
I went back to one of them and noticed the year field
was now populated with this long number -> 11500xxxxx.
I checked a couple of the other tunes I'd touched up and found the same with them?
Only the ones I edited - none of the others.

I don't know where this number came from...
So I'm thinking winamp did it.
I didn't want anything in the year field - least a number which isn't even valid.
So I'm looking for a way to stop winamp from doing this.
And then I'll go back and manually edit each file again to remove these type numbers from the tunes I edited (which sux's because there's a bunch of them).

I've found if I edit a track...leave the year field blank...but activate the field (so it isn't greyed out)..
it doesn't populate the field.
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> bump <
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