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When i convert my music files to aacPlus at 268kbps, it doesnt change it in the library, it still runs at the old bit rate. do i need to update my librar?

and is there a way to have it display duplicates of the same song?
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It depends. Are you encoding them for when you transfer them to a portable? Is so then why do you want them to show in the library twice? The simplest way to do this is to add the portable as a watch folder (assuming it is a USB mass storage device).

Otherwise, yes you will need to add the files to the library. You can either add them manually from the playlist; the library menu; or by drag and drop into the library window. Or you can set the library to watch the folder you put them in the Prefs.

The only way to find 'duplicates' in the library is to look for them. I don't know of a way to remove them automatically.

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i told the encoder (the one in winamp) to just change the file extension, so i assume when it checks the folder that it will switch them. ill see tomorrow or whenever it finishes converting them.

and as for the duplicates, i think that should be included in the next version of winamp. like itunes has it where you can view duplicates. that would be a useful feature.
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Winamp doesn't delete the source file, and there is no option for it to do so.

So, when you transcode using the "send to -> format converter" feature, both the new file and the original source file will exist.

We also do not allow overwriting of the source file.
This is because transcoding to any lossy format (mp3, aac, non-lossless wma, ogg) results in loss of quality, no matter what settings you use.

We do not recommend or promote using the transcoder to convert lossy formats to another lossy format, and then deleting the original source file(s).

Sure, if you transcode to a lossless format (eg. flac) then no quality is lost.

There can be no duplicates in the Media Library, ie. two files with the exact same filename. Just because the file extension is different doesn't necessarily mean that the two songs are exactly the same, eg. they could be different versions of the same song from different albums, or one may be a live version, etc.
If we were to implement some kind of duplicate detection & removal feature, then there's a high possibility that we'd get more complaints from people moaning about how Winamp deleted songs which weren't actually duplicates...
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