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Is there a way to run an exe at the beginning of the installer? Like before the license agreement or maybe right after it?
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No, well at least not that I know of, or not from what I can see through any documentation, or experimentation.
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does that mean its not possible to pop up a messageBox when the setup opens? coz i would really like that feature. like a section -start or somthing where you can make it do things when the setup opens
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not at this current point in time, or not that I can figure out.
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I have tried to have NSIS execute a file before files are copied.
It's impossible.

I emailed Justin about it and he confirmed this.
Maybe this will be possible in the near future?

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New Version by Jay Krivanek

I added these features to my own personal version of NSIS, you can use:

StartUpText "Some Text for body of Message Box" "Caption"
this will show a message box at the beginning of the install

StartUpExec "open" "C:\somefile\somewhere\onmy\system.exe"
StartUpExec "explore" "C:\somedirectory\on\my\system\"
this will start an app or browse to a location at the beginning of the install
you can download it from http://www.shoutclub.com/nsis/

this is my first time messing with this app so let me know if you find any bugs, the source code is located in the installer as always.

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