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rollo tamasi
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Streaming music with Winamp

Hi guys, i visited an audio website before and in order to stream mp3's from their server i had to download an .pls file (i can't remember the site!). The file automatically opened with Winamp and displayed all the mp3's on their server. Happy Days! All i had to do was flick thru the library and select my mp3's to play.

I would like to attempt to do the same thing myself. I download a program that creates .pls, but it only allows you to create playlists on your local machine, it doesn't have an option to stream mp3's from a server!

Do i need to get myself a shoutcast server to stream mp3's using .pls files or is there any other way of doing it? Thanks lads
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try these http://forums.radiotoolbox.com/viewtopic.php?t=79



or check the 24/7 links in my sig for a different option.
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rollo tamasi
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Thanks nick@ss thats a fantastic help!
Just one question....
I would like it to display the name of the song while the mp3 is playing. At the moment it just comes up saying "track 1" in the display. How would i go about changing it so that it says something other than track 1?

At the moment i have this code saved as a test.pls file
Title1="Dave Kearns May 05 Mix"

BTW, this is the link to the pls file in case this post doens't make sense!

Thanks very much!
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