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v5.5 build 1568 - Apple iPod Classic not playing songs that were dragged to playlist.

Apple iPod Classic Model: MB150LL

Problem is with both iPod software Version 1.0.0 PC and Version 1.0.1 PC

Computer Duo Core Pentium with Windows Vista 64 bit

I've had WinAmp for several years now and…It kicks…

This past week, I took delivery on a 160G iPod Classic. After 5 minutes with iTunes, I downloaded WinAmp v5.5 build 1568 beta (x86 version). I read that I would need this to access the iPod Classic.

Note. I did not plug the iPod in with iTunes running.

The iPod worked with WinAmp right out of the box. No drives necessary.

I loaded several songs on the iPod and it played them. I then went and created a bunch of playlists and loaded (transferred) a bunch of stuff to the playlists. I dragged them to the palylists under the iPod.

All went well until I tried to play the music on the iPod itself. The tunes I dragged from one of my playlists like Classical under Local Media directly into the iPod under portables will play. But if I create a playlist on the iPod using WinAmp and then I drag songs to that playlist, they won’t play.

The entries show up both on the iPod and in the play list on WinAmp. I can even select them and play them with WinAmp but not with the iPod. The iPod just sits there at the playing screen with the time bar. The time also does not increment. This happens when I select the song on the from a playlist or a genre menu such as album or artist.

I then terminated WinAmp and started iTunes. I then opened a file and included (imported) it into the library in iTunes. I then dragged that song to a play list on the iPod. I then ejected the iPod. I can play this song on the iPod. I repeated teh process and it worked. This works for either MP3s or WAV Files.

The file types on the iPod under J:\iPod_Control\Music\F.. folders are both WAV and MP3.

Another thing I noticed is that when I plug in the iPod into iTunes, certain playlists double up. These are Audoibooks, Movies, Music, and sometimes another folder. I deleted them using WinAmp, but when I plug it back into iTunes, it puts the duplicates back.

Hope you can help. Because I have over 7400 songs I want to pou on the iPod, if I have to load each song into the main device, go and find each song and then send them to their respective play list, well this won’t be worth it.

Hope this helps.


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