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Was having alot of problems with other programs not working. I have deleted everything with winamp off my computer but when I right click start menu it has "play in winamp", "enqueue in winamp" and "add to winamps bookmark list". How do I remove these items?
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As a general rule, you should always run a program's uninstallation routine rather than simply deleting it.

There are two ways to uninstall Winamp. One is to go to your Start menu/Programs/Winamp and click on "Uninstall Winamp".
The other is to go to your Control Panel, open the Add/Remove Programs applet, find and select "Winamp (Remove Only)", and hit the "Add/Remove..." button.

By the way, I doubt that Winamp was really the reason for the other programs not working. If you post some details about what was going on, we could probably help you figure it out.
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Here is the hard way to remove that. I don't know if a soft way exists.

Warning : I advise you to do that if you know perfectly how to make backups and handle easily the edit functions of Windows Explorer. Otherwise, have someone who know best doing that.

Click "start/run" and type REGEDIT in the run window.
Then clic "edit/find" and seek "Winamp" among the keys.
You can delete any key (a key looks like a folder) called Winamp, if you deleted Winamp, but DON'T DELETE ANYTHING ELSE!!! There is no turning back, and if you delete anything you shouldn't, your computer may not work anymore.
This regedit program gives you access to Windows registry, that is no more than user.dat and system.dat hidden files, located in Windows directory. Windows can't run if those files are corrupted. You should make a backup of these files before running regedit. If something goes wrong, restore them IMMEDIATELY. If you restart Windows before and try to work, these backups may not work anymore!

In my registry, the keys displaying "play in winamp", etc are inside "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell"

Hope it helps anyway!

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Thanks Pio2001. It worked.
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