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Just to sum up, nicely...

There are two types of people who will find this thread: people who are used to WinAmp but are interested in kicking their Windows addiction (my guess, 90% at least), and people who have Ubuntu and are just checking out alternatives for a quality media player.

Bottom line (as of now, anyway): If you are absolutely devoted to the many features of WinAmp (and why not, it's the best media player for Windows, by a long shot!), you will probably be be unhappy with the current state of its implementation under WINE or whatever...so you're basically stuck with Windows (just as all us gamers are, for the time being). Dual booting is relatively easy and opens many new possibilities

A large majority of WinAmp's features are indeed available with native Ubuntu media players; there's no alternative than to become used to the (very slightly) different way that they each work.

...but you're welcome to jump on board with the open source development community and help create something even better- which you cannot reasonably do with WinAmp or any other closed-source, profit-driven application or OS.

...and you may find yourself a lot happier with open source, because at this point the community has a lot fewer people who confuse "clear, direct replies" with "borderline-offensive bullying by moderators and flamers"

Hope this helps the searchers...
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we're not bullying, its just unrealistic and impossible.

it could not be winamp if it worked on linux. no plugins would work and everything would have to rewritten from scratch. Its just tied into windows win32 too much.

nullsoft does not have the resources anymore to have such a project(thats what winamp3 was supposed to achieve but aol forced an alpha release as version 1, people complained about the bugs and and then it got canned.) so basically you can blame aol and yourselves for not having a winamp for linux and macOS.

winamp will probably never be open sourced due to the many paid licensing agreements and contracts

It would be quicker and easier to grab an open source player that already does everything and modify it so you can have some kind of modern skinning interface.(songbird does this already but their are not many skins yet and its more or less made by the old winamp3 team)

their is nothing more to ad to this topic at the moment other than more confusing rubbish. like above.

so i'm now canning this thread aswell.
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