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Originally Posted by WildwestGoh View Post
Hi, is it possible to make Winamp portable without relying on 3rd party programs? I believe it still install some files to the system and also uses the registry quite a bit.
Thanks for the great work... =)
Registry isn't used except for file associations so don't set it to make any and you should be good there. I think you can nearly make it portable by changing the path in %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\paths.ini to . and moving everything into a writable folder. Try it out with a clean install and see if anything still gets put in %AppData%\Winamp, that'll be the only trick.

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Or just delete the Paths.ini, Winamp will then behave as in good old Pre-Vista days and write everything into its current path (i.e. X:\Winamp\Winamp.ini etc. if you have extracted it to Folder "Winamp" on a USB Drive with Drive Letter X:.).

Just give it a try!
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Yeah, delete paths.ini

Then set the following in winamp.ini


(line will already exist, default value=0)

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