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Unauthorized Server ? HELP

HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized Server: Shoutcast DNAS WWW-authenticate: basic realm="Shoutcast Server" Content-type: text/html Unauthorizedhas peaked @ 0 total listeners

ok this is killing me now. since i cant get an answer to the question about how to kill the server running, i, edited my config file and set it to port 8000. it once again appears to be streaming, but my display script has wigged out terrible, and i have the above mentioned error all over the page.

sitting here patiently thinking about kicking the computer through the wall. LOL

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either you have changed the DSP or Admin password and not updated your scripts.

I would suspect the admin password, as that the challenge when attempting to get into the admin section.


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Changed Admin Password

you know i have most likely changed my admin password, but then i reloaded the sc_conf file as well as the script for displaying the information.

i believe i have two instances of sc_serv running or something. guess i dont know enough about sc_serv. when i initially loaded it, i had not edited the sc_conf file. of course this immediately takes precedence over port 8000. when i got the sc_conf file edited and reloaded it, i again ran the command ./sc_serv and of course i got the message that something else was running on that port, not even thinking that it was shoutcast. ok no problem, i again edited the sc_conf file and set the port at 1966, pushed it up ot the server, and ran the ./sc_serv command and all seemed well.

then came the problem of anybody else being able to listen to the music by clicking on the tune button. they would get a time out or connection refused message.

I have posted in here and asked how to stop sc_serv from a linux command. havent gotten that answer yet. the current file that is loaded is definitely edited with the correct parameters that i want, but when i start the DNAS, it requires me to put the default pw in and will not let me use the pw i have set in the sc_conf file. so i think i need to back up and punt. lol

i am able to login to the site on a local laptop, call up the url and click on the tune in button and it plays with about a 30 second delay, that was going to be my next fix attack. but i cant get others to play the music.

if you have any suggestions or solutions please let me know. thank you for your time.
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it sounds like you are running linux versions (yep, did not read all of the post). when you start either sc_trans or sc_serv it starts more than thread. You need to make sure that you kill them all.

1. ps ux to list all running threads.

2. kill -9 pid (where pid = process ID) to kill all threads.
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