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Upgrade to 5.57 renders product inoperable

Up front Please excuse the rant but my satisfaction with Winamp is about zero right now.

OK, so i seemingly made a few mistakes with winamp, the latest being that I upgraded to 5.57 which has now made it impossible to play anything.

When i try to play something it does a quick scan of the song and then just sits there doing nothing. I click play and i get a pop up menu saying that "the track already exists do i want to overwrite?"

What I used to do to play songs using 5.56 ... just flat doesn't work under 5.57...at ALL.

So I come to the forum for answers and what am i greeted with as a paying customer.... I cannot use my hotmail account to join the forum! It was ok to take my money for the product but somehow computer people cannot port the fact that I am a paying customer over to the forum!

Again sorry for the rant but i am feeling like the worlds biggest sucker for paying for WinAmp particularly now as it no longer plays anything!
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Have you checked your active output plugin? The symptoms sound like maybe you've got the Nullsoft Diskwriter output plugin active?
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Thanks jtbse... seems to have solved the problem.... don't know why that changed after the upgrade though. Thanks again
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