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Apply ReplayGain during portable sync

It would be really nice if ReplayGain could be applied the the files transfered during a portable sync.

As it is now, every time you sync you have to remember to send all the newly transferred files to the ReplayGain calculator. If you forget then there's not really any way to identify files missing replay gain on the portable.

There is an outstanding feature request for the ReplayGain Calculator to skip files that already have ReplayGain applied. That could also help solve the problem because you could always just send all files on the portable to the ReplayGain Calculator after a sync and only the new files would get calculated.

Either way, I think we need something because it's kind on unmanageable right now.
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I guess it's just me? Nobody else wants ReplayGain on their portable files?
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hmm? if im transfering mp3s. replaygain tags should still remain.

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If you copy the files, all should be fine and dandy. If you encode files then tags are lost. A solution could be to copy them but then they would be slightly inaccurate for lossy encodes. Plus, few portables support replay gain from tags so it would be good to have an option to apply the gain before encoding. I do it all manually with oggenc2 at present, or with mp3gain for the MP3 files I've got.

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I'm transcoding from FLAC to MP3, so yeah the ReplayGain and embedded album art tags are lost.

I'm actually just syncing to an 8GB USB flash drive so I can take music to work where I play it with Winamp. So tags would be fine, but I agree actually applying the gain ala mp3gain would probably be more globally useful.

Whatever the best approach, somehow integrating it in with the sync process would be really nice. Using playlists or shuffle without some kind of gain control can be really annoying. And dealing with it manually right now is problematic.
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i join the request
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This would be an amazing feature. Replay Gain tags are supported by few players, so it would be nice if Winamp would do the mp3gain using it's Replay Gain tags, as the files are transferred to the portable device. +1

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Me too; this would be a useful feature, and yes, ideally with the choice to either insert the tags or apply them before encoding for players that don't support ReplayGain (which is, alas, still most of them.)
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There Is a plug-in, ml_iPod, that has an option to apply mp3gain to files before transfering. Although it was designed for the iPod, it will work with a USB drive. Read the wiki.



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for apple'rs, can't you guys just add soundcheck tags to go with your RG tags?

also, doesn't rockbox do RG?

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