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Winamp 5 alpha wishlist

Alrighty, I dont know where I'm actually supposed to post this. I haven't seen a bit of info around here about the 5 alpha, which I find odd.

But, my thoughts:

Winamp 5 = good so far. It has everything I like about winamp 2. (especially the search playlist feature)

It also has the majority of the good things about winamp3 (ie skins .

The only thing I really noticed missing is the ability to have more than one playlist loaded. I like to have all of my tunes, and all of my videos loaded on separate playlists. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Also, I miss the ability to rip cds directly to mp3... but I'm sure it will just be a matter of time before someone writes another plugin. Heck, I'd do it myself if I had time to sit down and hash that out........
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The winamp 5 alpha was supposedly an illegal leak which pissed of winamp quite a bit, which might explain why you haven't seen much about it on the winamp forums.
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The Winamp5 Development FAQ

Winamp 5 has not been released. If you've got a copy of it, it's an illegal copy, and will not be supported/discussed here.

[thread closed]

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In addition, it's an oooold copy.

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