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Multiple problems synching podcasts to mp3 player

I am trying to use WinAmp to synch podcasts to a Creative mp3 player with dramatically little success.

I have 4 podcasts that I have set up subscriptions to.

When I setup the podcast synch in the Podcast sync tab on the device preferences, I can see all the podcast names in the grey panel.

I have ticked the Sync option and have selected '3' (Winamp doesn't appear to save the 'All option - which appears to be a bug that has been present for several years - see separate post - which is not a good start).

I have also ticked the 'All podcasts' option.

When I try and do a sync, I get the following results:
* In the 'songs to be transferred' panel - I can see 2 podcasts files from two different podcasts subscriptions.
* The two other podcasts do not appear at all despite the fact that the podcast files are not on the mp3 player. Can anybody explain why this might be
* When I do the sync, one of the podcast files does not appear in the Transfers folder for the device. Can anybody explain why this might be
* The other file appears but with 'Transfer failed' against it. Can anybody explain why this might be

WinAmp does appear to have transferred one podcast file successfully so it is not doing very well.

Any suggestions as to why this function does not appear to be working?

Version 5.61

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Ok - I have a partial explanation but still need help.

It looks for some reason as if WinAmp is storing the podcasts in different directories. Most of the podcasts are being stored in my music directory on my C drive. Which is where the podcast directory setting points to. None of these podcasts are being transferred - although one of the does appear in the Sync list (but not in the transfer folder)

The one remaining podcast subscription is being stored on a network drive alongside my music files (despite the fact that the podcast parameter doesn't point here).

One of the files in this directory has been downloaded twice - with different names!!! The other file has been downloaded once.

One of the instances of the twice downloaded file is the one file that has been transferred to the mp3 player.

It looks as if WinAmp has got totally confused for some reason. What can I do to tidy this mess up.
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Feels like I am talking to myself here. Now all my podcast subscriptions have disappeared - when I open the subscriptions folder, there are no entries.

Does this functionality actually work?
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I dont even think the forum works here, let alone Winamp. There is very little response to posts here. Mine have been sitting unresponded to. Not sure if there are very few, if any people to handle this forum, or else the one person doing it is very selective and lets most posts just sit.

Not a good use of the forum at all.
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