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Open Source Winamp

Open Source Winamp. WinAmp is what is not because of AOL stagnation/intrusion but because of the Open Source community before AOL, who loved the concept of "Freeware" and were allowed to develop plugins and skins for it. WinAmp's best skins and plugins are exactly from a decade ago where it started dying after 3/4 years of AOL ineptitude and ownership of this great idea. Though Winamp wasn't Open Source, it is clear what kind of effect it would have if it did go that route, based on People's active love for it, in those years.

In short, WinAMp in its first 3 years accomplished more than AOL could ever do with it in a decade and a half of owning Nullsoft and not letting it grow in the way the people love. And even when version 3 and version 5 was released, people still use version 2. Why? Because that version released in 1998 is stuff of legends. It was a community movement, and AOL failed to keep that community going. So why not do everything possible to include the global community in its development even more so by being Open Source?

Can Radionomy beat that version 2? I'm not sure. And It would be overly confident of Radionomy to believe so. So let the People help you!

I'm sure this has been talked to death. I would like Alexandre Saboundjian, Baudechon Yves, Eric van der Haegen, Sylvie de Lannois, Gael Claude, Thierry Ascarez, and Jerome Sedyn to deeply consider the reality. Be legendary.

And also, stop fronting, put it in the top wish list as one of the most demanded features. Make Winamp Open Source, make it Freeware again and keep the ads and the extended Shareware features like CD burning at a minimum. Make us go crazy, be revolutionary. Show your love for this. Make us believe.
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well if you can't get the program's name correct, that's really not a great start to be taken seriously. it's Winamp, not WinAMp or WinAMP or any other capitalisation of the name and is how it's been known for over 2/3rds of it's existence.

and you do realise that most of the 2.x versions people keep clinging to were under the AOL ownership i.e. anything from v2.5 and newer, so all of the 2.8x and 2.9x ones that people resolutely won't update from (despite the issues and incompatibilities with most OS since it was released).

as for the massive number of community of developers you're alluding to (which never really existed even at the peak since there weren't that many compared to users), like all of the ones who supposedly wanted to help keep Winamp alive when it was about to be sold... where are they now? where are they making new plug-ins, etc from all of the things that people want and can be done via plug-ins? as i've seen basically no one do anything (other than one remaining plug-in developer who was doing things before the announcement - since i cannot include myself anymore in such things what with working on Winamp rather than my own plug-ins).

as for who's fault things got to the point that it stagnated - everyone is at fault from AOL to the users to the changing usage of computers and related software.

and Winamp always had a free version, so i don't get the point of the last point of your post. especially since the things you've mentioned were easily uninstallable (which is something that was maintained throughout all of the versions of not installing what you don't want / need).

finally, the merits or not of open sourcing were banged to death during the shutdown period and i know a lot disagreed with my view that open sourcing is not practical or would be helpful, but it's unlikely Winamp will be open sourced even now it's been purchased.
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Well, we do know that Open Sourcing won't happen soon if at all. But its an option if no one else wants the property. I'm sure if any seasoned OSS developers out there wanted an OSS Winamp, they'd just reverse engineer the thing.
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all of which was done years ago for the Winamp clones that popped up (mainly for Linux).
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