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genre error


Been using shoutcast for years to broadcast and recently noticed a problem with the genre we are listed in the YP as. I recall a post some time ago saying we had to conform to certain genres, so I changed the genres to match that (see http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=303241) The genres were 'Breakbeat Electronic Electro' however since that change the YP is only listing us as 'electro'

As we are a more breakbeat orientated radio station (and actually ranked position #1 for 'breakbeat' in the YP) im a bit lost as to what could be happening.

Heres a capture of the genre being transmitted

0x0090: 0a69 6379 2d67 656e 7265 3a42 7265 616b .icy-genre:Break
0x00a0: 6265 6174 2045 6c65 6374 726f 6e69 6320 beat.Electronic.
0x00b0: 456c 6563 7472 6f0d 0a69 6379 2d75 726c Electro..icy-url

I have also noticed that I can no longer search for parts of our name in the YP. For example, were are listed as NSBradio.co.uk. I used to be able to type 'nsb' into the YP and get our station back, whereas now it does not and i need to type full 'nsbradio.co.uk' Its no biggie, I can just add a keyword but thought Id point it out.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks chaps.
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I have removed 'electronic' from the genres so now its just 'breakbeat' and 'electro'

*edit* Now we show up in breakbeat! woo

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