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Trouble getting Winamp to connect to a wireless internet connection

Hello, I am trying to set up a shoutcast stream, and I am having trouble getting Winamp to recognize that I am using a wireless internet connection. Under the options, it gives the choices of either LAN/Cable or dial up, or no internet. I don't have any of these, I use a wireless internet connection. When I enter all of my Internet Radio information into the shoutcast plugin, the Connect button does not light up at all so I can click on it... Any help?
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the option in Winamp doesn't have any effect over what the Source DSP does (i'm not even sure that option in Winamp actually does anything useful nowadays anyway).

if the 'connect' button is remaining disabled with the details entered, have you made sure there is an encoder selected for the stream? (ironically i've recently added in some handling to the DSP to better indicate what needs to be done when the connect button is disabled).

also as a note for the future, don't re-post the same thing in the different parts of the forums within a few minutes - is classified as cross-posting under the rules you just agreed to follow. i've now removed the second duplicate thread.

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