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"Studio caused error in COMMON.DLL"...whats wrong with my code?

i have a drawer that connects to my main player window...and i want the equalizer to be on the drawer...can anyone check out my code for me? i didn't include all the elements and sliders because i knew they were right. when i click the drawer that has all the stuff on it, it gives me the Studio has an error in Common.DLL. what is wrong? do i need to add any other tags?


<!-- Defines the DRAWER GROUP, anything included in here will move with the drawer-->
<groupdef id="eqdrawer" w="250" h="195">

<!-- This layer is the background for the drawer, also catches mouse clicks for opening/closing-->
<layer id="Drawer" image="player.eqbackground" x="0" y="0" sysregion="1" move="0"/>

<!-- This layer is the passes info to the drawer script, see script for details-->
<layer id="DrawerInfo" x="13" y="0"/>

<!-- This layer is so you can see the drawer while closed, it is
ghosted so that the clicks will still go to the drawer layer-->
<layer id="DrawerHandle" image="drawerhandle" x="0" y="2" ghost="1"/>

<!-- ToggleButtons, not required to be here for your skin, just used to show
that the drawer can move all types of things-->

<!-- Sliders -->

<!-- Don't forget this line! Tells Winamp to load the drawer script for this group-->
<script id="drawer" file="scripts/drawer.maki"/>
<!-- End of the DRAWER GROUP -->
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Okay, it's hard to tell from what you pasted, but I think your problem is that your Elements are inside of your Container. Make sure that your Elements are being included from outside(before) your Container, but that your Groupdefs are being included inside the Container(but outside(before) of the Layout).
Was that the problem?
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