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"Prominence" Macro

I've looked around a bit and done a few searches and haven't found anything about this so here goes.....
My idea is to have a component withs several buttons. A very simple square. The buttons could be labeled "Playlist" or "Shoutast Servers" or "Visualization". Lets say you have all three components open. You've been looking at your playlists, so your playlist editor is the biggest component, with the Vis and Shoutcast Server List smaller.
Then, you want to listen to shoutcast. You would click the "shoutcast" button in this new component, and the shoutcast server list would become larger so you can read more servers at once while the vis and playlists become smaller.
A crude drawing is attached. I think this could be acheived by calling .setPosition()when one of the buttons is clicked. The x and y coord would be set in an xml file (can they be relative???). There was some discussion about using .setPosition() here However, I don't know C so I'm not much help. Just an Idea, if anyone has any input that would be great.
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[my two cents]
Yeah, that sounds like a cool idea, but I don't know how useful it would actually be. But the more I think about the more I can't decide, for me it would be a waste of window space. And seeing as how I have never used shoutcast and such, I just don't know. I think the toggle buttons in the main window would be enough (just toggle the window you want to see and untoggle the one you don't)

I am not saying your idea is bad, this is jus my two cents.

Also I am running dual monitors so I ahve plenty of space to open windows as large as I want them , so I guess this is a mute point with me. LOL
[/my two cents]

try coding it and see how ti works out, it might be cool, and i might just go and d/l it.

I just read your post again, and it clicked what you are saying. For someone doing mutliple things with multipule compenets, this would be a very nice window to have. Exspecailly if you can custimize the buttons that are shown/
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