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"Add Files to Playlist" window opens upon double-click within playlist

Not sure if this is a bug, and please forgive the informality of this post.
I am at a loss for a solution, and am about to leave Winamp after 20+ years.

The problem is rather simple to describe. When I have multiple items in the playlist editor, enabled as a view pane in Bento mode, I am normally able to double-click on any item in the playlist to begin playing from that file.

As of this morning, that is no longer how double-click functions. Yes, the file will play, but there will also be a window opened called "Add Files to Playlist." This happens every time I double-click anywhere within the playlist pane, not just on a playlist item.

This has rendered the playlist useless. I could use enter to play a selected item, but double-click is far more efficient. I use context menus to add files to my playlist by selecting "Enqueue." I need double-clicking within the playlist to play the selected file, not to open an Explorer window. I don't know what setting could have enabled this. I've already reinstalled Winamp twice, trying two different versions.

This problem is extremely bothersome, and any help in resolving it would be appreciated. I can post a picture if necessary.
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I take it your looked at the options
on what double click does to the files?

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