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looking for a special skin to winamp


So, a couple of months ago I had a skin to winamp which I absolutely loved. Never stopped using it.

I then bought a new computer and erased everything on the old harddrives which I then gave away to a friend. And a week later when I sat and installed winamp I remembered, that I'd forgot to write down the name of that special skin.

Now, I got a poor memory so I cant really describe the look of it, more than the visuals, instead of the Spectrum or Oscilloscope, was other ones.

Including some sort of Ninja doing roundhousekicks to the music, Some sort of Mikael Jackson look-a-like did his dance, That mutant from Ninja Turtles, Some sort of angry blob-monster-thingy, 3 girls dancing(this one im not sure of), and the normal spectrum(this one was just bigger than winamps normal one).

Yes, I know im sounding... Crazy. But I really liked this skin and Ive searched the entire winamp library of skins more than once trying to find it. So now I need help. Does anyone know what that skin might be called?

Tl:dr - I am looking for a skin which I like really much.
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I haven't used it in a while, but the visualizations you describe sound like those in MMD3
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or could even possibly be cPro MMD in SUI section
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It wasnt MMD3, im afraid.

The skin im searching for I remember was cleaner, boxier(?) ...

But thanks anyway. I guess I'll have to search the www and try every skin untill ive found it.
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D-Reliction, maybe?

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