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NonStep Autohide library?

Does anyone know if there is an option in NonStep to autohide not only the main window but the media library as well?

Or does someone know of another skin that can autohide at the top and either have a delayed open or a click open so winamp does not open everytime I happen to bring my mouse to the top of the screen? Thanks!
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NonStep is the skin I use to date, been doing it for a while now, and it doesn't get much better than this. A great skin, but unfortunatly the non | step interface has been ditched. It was a project for Litestep, but as there's not much interest for this anymore, I guess the authors of (skin and other projects have put most on freeze.

Autohide would be possible and might be a useful feature to some, but if so, you need to explain what has to be done and you also need to talk to the authors. The one that made the graphics, ertman used to roam around, not sure if he's around anymore and Da_pipe which wrote the XML and MAKI for this skin. Since he hold the source for the scripts, you need to ask him or anyone that might hold the sources.

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Thanks. I'll look for him and see if maybe he can help me out. Thanks again
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