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Shoutcast TV A/V sync issues...

Hello... so... I've been trying to troubleshoot some audio/video sync issues that occur whenever I try to listen to an online stream using Winamp, and I have finally gotten frustrated enough to attempt to ask for help . Here's the problem: When I connect to Shoutcast TV and try to play any of the streams listed there, the sound and video will synch up perfectly for the first song/segment. As soon as the track changes, audio will be off by a second or so. It gets worse the longer it goes.

This issue has existed for me basically all along the 5.0 line of Winamp. I've tried increasing buffers in the NSV plugin, turning off fading for DirectSound, switching to WaveOut, increasing buffers for those too, etc. My most recent attempt was to completely clear out the old Winamp and try installing the new 5.5.

I should note that with the new 5.5 install the video wouldn't even play longer than a second until I increased the buffer significantly above the default settings. It seemed kind of odd and I wondered whether it might be related...seemed to be rebuffering all the time until I set the buffer to 20/30 seconds.

Also, my Internet tube is cable, 3 mbps or's never had any problem keeping up with streams...just with keeping them in sync

I'm running a Dell laptop (e1705)
- Core Duo T2250
- 2 GB of RAM. I can throw as much memory at Winamp as I want.
- Soundcard is the onboard SigmaTel kitsch that comes with it (I had a SoundBlaster Audigy Notebook Edition but I got annoyed with it's own set of issues so I reverted back to SigmaTel).
- Video is nVidia Go 7900 GS with 256 MB of memory
- Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 2
- DirectX 9.0c
- Winamp 5.5 Full
- This is clean and I haven't tried installing any plugins. Did check the Winamp Remote during the installer though.

Any more details that I should have thought to include?

(I've got this nagging feeling that there's some FAQ entry with something incredibly obvious like "how to fix A/V sync issues" that I missed when I was searching the forums... :P)

-- Joren
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