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gigabyte barriers?

Have recordings above 2gb's and so on in plain wav, so uncompresed. When playing normally in Winamp everything goes fine. No matter how much gigs it's worth all will be played. But when to jump to the "end" of the file Winamp keeps playing on from where was jumped. Example a 4 hour track about 3.2 gb of uncompressed wav, somewhere during beginning of 3rd hour track is "lost" when to jump there. The same file will play always perfect when encoded.
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I've had the same problem here, particularly when I was still recording in 24 bit. Possibly a 2 GiB bug in in_wave.dll.
It's kind of amazing what kind of adventures big recordings can bring. For example, the FLAC encoder can't write beyond 2 GiB yet (luckily none of my radio recordings exceed ~4 hours, which is about 1.6 gigs compressed when using 44.1 kHz 16 bit - if they do, I'll let Audacity save things as MP3 in the first place), and long files are no fun with third-party MP3 plugins either - when skipping from A to B (B>A), mpg123 insists on reading everything in between (*yawn*), and the MAD plugin would even crash on me. Luckily at least the Nullsoft MP3 plugin works flawlessly, even with a 9 hour (!) file.
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I'm fairly sure that the seek code is just using a signed word with some bounds checking "if (seek<2147483647) { seek=2147483647; }".

I expressed this idea to benski, which he agreed was probably the case. Not heard anything since because benski and tag are both on vacation.

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