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Possibility Cross fade with BPM ?

Hi !
(I'm French then... sorry for my approximate english...)

Here we are, with Winamp, I just wanted to know if it was possible (plug-in for example) to be able to make cross fade between 2 tracks according to the BPM of mp3 to keep the same musical rhythm?

Make a cross fade where the BPM is taken into account to avoid the superimposing (overlay?) of rhythm of 2 tracks in cross fade (as the software of mixing for DJ).

I often use of winamp in the party and this option worries me a lot.

Thank you by advance
I hope that it is understandable...
Regards, David
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i think you are looking for something called beatmixing where the music player is smart and knows how to crossfade in such a way as to make it sound very smooth. i have seen radio stations apps that do this well. i don't know if they use BPM tags or some other method.

i don't recall any good winamp beat mixing plugins unfortunately, but maybe someone else here does?

PENN STATE Radio or http://www.LION-Radio.org/
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Hey, not sure if it still works with the new version but SQRSoft crossfader worked like a charm though it may not actually sync bpm, I can't recall... http://sqrsoft.com.ar/downloads.html I have no idea if there is still support either... I checked and the files are available to donwload - not tested!!
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