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How do I get shoutcast to update my stream details quicker?

Hello everyone hope you are all well. i wa just wondering how do I get the shoutcast website to update what I am playing quicker because there is like a 5 minute gap between when details are updated. on that console thingie it says touched every 5 mins so i take it thats when my pc s making contact? please help anyone. God bless
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You can't it used to be faster but the gap has been increased due to performance issues. I don't know if it'll ever be reverted. SHOUTcast checks you, not you hitting SHOUTcast. You can however decrease the MetaData ammount which will check for song changes on source more frequently I believe.

I am just going on my knowledge of the SHOUTcast network here, so I could be wrong on how SHOUTcast works, but there won't be a way to decrease the gap to the SHOUTcast yp.

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MetaData determines how often the track/title info is sent to a listener only -- The yp_touch process only occurs upon a track change.

The delay that we all "see" is the speed that the many YP servers can replicate updates -- this is directly related to how many stations are in the directory -- there has been a recent explosion of stations such that often the entire directory cannot be updated and replicated before the information is "stale" -- it's the cost of success.

It would be easy if just YOUR station was in the directory, but consider the thousands that are performing track updates every 3 to 4 minutes, and you'll see why you can no longer expect the listing to keep up. It's just not gonna happen.
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Meta data has nothing to do with yp updates. The yp touch does not occur on track change. The update interval is completely controlled by Nullsoft. You cannot do anything to make it faster.
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