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Hi justin,

There's a small but yet annoying bug with winamp 2.71.

When you scroll a web page with internet explorer, the output in winamp gets _really_ choppy. What's funny is that I can remember having this problem with an older version of winamp (in the begining of the 2x generation releases).

Let's get technical )
- The sound gets choppy:
.x.with at least mp3s and MIDI sound files
(I guess it's everything but I don't have MODs on my computer)
.x.with out_wav out_ds
- I changed the buffer size, tried to move the priority higher, nothing changed.
- I'm pretty sure it was NOT in winamp 2.7
(I'm trying to get winamp 2.7 back to test, but I'm sure it wasn't doing this, I would have noticed)
- My small spec is:
.x.Winamp 2.71
.x.k6-2 300

If you want me to test a "fixed" version of winamp, nirvn@hotmail.com.

See ya,
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Oups, forgot to say one other thing... It doesn't to that using other web surfers (I use k-meleon too and it is choppy-free )

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I don't have the same problem, scrolled with no problem. And "it doesn't to it to other browsers,"... ouch.
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That's not a Winamp bug. It's in Windows ME. I use Win ME. I can't explain what it is, but it is sure Win ME (+ I.E. 5.5). I've got that too sometimes. Win ME is nice but sometimes kinda buggy. I'm thinking of downgrading to Windows 98SE.

[edit]Sawg beat me again. [/edit]

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-=> Turn off smooth scrolling in the Internet options advanced dialog <=- Smooth scrolling takes up *huge* amounts of processor time, albeit for a very short period of time. This is why Winamp is choppy when you scroll.
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