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Disable IP Address rewrite


i have set up a shoutcast 2 server on my debian linux system...
its all working and with port forwarding i can access the website via http://<ext ip>:8000/

So i am browsing to my second stream which is online on http://<ext ip>:8000/index.html?sid=2

Then i click on the "Listen" Button which opens the "http://<ext ip>:8000/listen.pls?sid=2" playlist in vlc player...

but then the ip address is changed to the internal ip and the stream cannot be started...

i checked the VLC file and saw that its trying to open the following url:

http://<int ip>:8000/stream/2/

which is the internal ip address of my debian server...

how can i deactivate this rewrite rule??

this is the "listen.pls" file which was opened from the external ip address:
Title1=My Station
- Thanks
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is partly a bug in the DNAS and partly an unimplemented feature. as the DNAS attempts to determine the appropriate address to use for the urls in playlists but it gets it wrong at times causing it to show the local LAN IP instead of an external one.

with a fixed version of the DNAS (should be a in a few weeks when a build with the fixes in will become available), it should just work without needing to mess around with configs. however if that build still doesn't work as expected, then you would be able to use the 'destip' option and set a specific DNS / IP value for it in there. though in that case, i'd prefer to know so it can be debugged and fixed as it should just work without doing config changes.
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I will check the next release and post if the bug is fixed then
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