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low bitrate,good picture quality

I'm using NSV Live Capture(VP3) for video streaming.
And I'm using this activexobject for my website.

But when I checked other stream .I found a Chinese web tv. with good picture quality.;stream.nsv

I watch this stream. This use VP61.After that I searched forum and saw http://www.on2.net/ release new version VP62 but nulsoft web activex object haven't support VP62, yet.

So I searched and found http://www.stud.ktu.lt/~vitslav/nsv/..._vp6_setup.exe This is VP61.

And this is my problem:
I want to do a live stream with max 48~50 kb/s.
How can I configure VP61 encoder.

Do you have sample settings for me and it is possible please take a picture from your computer for me about how is your encoder settings.

And I can't open this good quality stream from web page

<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:C5E28B9D-0A68-4B50-94E9-E8F6B4697514" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=240 BORDER=0
codebase="http://www.nullsoft.com/nsv/embed/nsvplayx_vp6_mp3.cab#Version=-1,-1,-1,-1" id="AP">
<PARAM NAME="Location" VALUE=";stream.nsv"><embed type="application/x-nsv-vp6-mp3" width=350 height=250 codebase="http://www.nullsoft.com/nsv/embed/nsvmoz_vp6_mp3.xpi" location=";stream.nsv"></embed>

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Configuring VP6 codec - www.scvi.net/vpguide.htm

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Less than 64 kbps will get you banned, at least the last time I checked. More realistic is 200 to 300 kbps.

I wouldn't watch 50kbps.

It would look like people in the witness protection program :-).

I looked at the 1 frame per second site you mentioned.

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