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Problems with Internationalization

I couldn't find a policy against posting bugs related to the experimental component but apologies if there is.

Bugs I noticed:

1) Unicode file-named songs don't play when they're passed from Explorer (double-click, context-menu open/enqueue), but do work when they're drag-dropped onto Playlist.

2) UTF-8 filename support doesn't extend to the Video playback component.

3) Non-English characters in track names from CDDB gets converted to to the generic '?'s. (I couldn't find a CDDB "requerier" either)

4) Non-bitmap font is always "green"

(This System: WinXP, English locale)

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Win2000 English Locale, Japanese System Default.

Problems Noticed with Internationalization.

With explorere double-click/context menu, Windows sends a native encoding to the program, and winamp is unable to parse the "expected unicode" sjis filename.

dragging and dropping the file causes winamp to properly read in the file-name, but in the display, since the application is not a unicode-native, windows is expecting the program title to be encoded using the local mb encoding for that language, and thus the entire task-bar track-title is mangled as windows doesn't understand what the program is doing.

And filenames under windows aren't unicode encoded if the file-system is FAT/FAT32, it is their wonderful Multibyte Encoded filenaming system, which poses another problem with system calls, but allows any language encoding to be saved to a fat partition (tho not interchangably, japanese filename will not copy over onto an english system prior to WinME with that language support installed. (reason why english scandisk would mutilate any non-latin character in a filename and then corrupting the directory chains)

The program doesn't allow you to change font (?not implemented yet?) and unicode characters are showing as boxes in the playlist, because the only unicode fonts are the MS Mincho/MS Gothic installed here.

-- Great effort I must say, expecially if you can get it all working. I see lots of problems in the upcoming releases, but I am certain you shall prevail.
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