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several winamp installs sharing same ML?

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I've searched the forums on several occasions over the last few days and haven't seen anything on this subject.

I run Winamp (2.91) on several PCs on my home LAN. They all share the same media and I'd like them to all share the same media library so I only have to update one installation's library for each installation to have the same (i.e. up-to-date) ML.

I've looked around for information on this, investigated the Winamp installation, and also scanned the registry of my PCs for a reference to the library that I could change to a different location and no luck. If it's there, I can't find it.

The next thing I was planning on trying was uninstalling from each PC and reinstalling each at the same physical location using mapped drives from each remote machine, where each copmuter's install would be X:\Winamp\ which maps to \\server\share\winamp\. This way, each install will manipulate the same ML data. But...

I'd like to avoid this if i can just _move_ the ml data because the reinstalls will be a little laborious and I suspect (although I have no way of knowing now) that I may run into issues if more than one user is running the app at a time (seen this with other applications) or maybe issues with the ml database being 'locked' while in use (if it's set up to do so).

Anyway, if anyone here knows how to change the location of the ml data to somewhere other than [Winamp install dir]\Plugins\ml, it might be the solution I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.
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Currently cannot move it out of the default directory.
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Ok. Thanks for following up. Will try the other idea.
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Sorry to bring up such an old thread, but this is exactly what I've been searching for.
Has this situation improved with the multi user version of winamp.
For example if I install winamp on each of my studio computers for multi user mode and then edit (I think paths.ini) to point to the network server I should be right?

File server with main Winamp ML
Studio computers are linked to file server ML so that when it is updated, the studio computers are updated too.
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Whiplash - I'm going to Re-bring up this old subject. It seems to be something that's a very desired feature. I have looked at the two plugins (Wombatshare and Hydra) and neither are in any stage of development anymore.

The most reasonable solution (and I CAN'T believe this hasn't been implemented yet) would be to allow the user to change the location of the ML database to a network location that all computers could point at. This would be advantageous for a number of reasons in addition to allowing computers to share the ML.

Needless to say, for the meantime, the lack of this feature alone has driven me to use a different player because it is silly for me to waste my time creating a well organized music library that I have to manually import onto all computers on my network every time something changes. Every other major media player out there can do this, Windows MP, iTunes, MediaMonkey, etc. Come on, if friggin iTunes can do it, Winamp should have had it years ago.

PLEASE just make it a setting in the winamp.ini file instead of hard coding it into the compiled version of the program.
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+1 on this. It's crazy that there's no reasonable LAN sharing solution for Winamp, built-in or 3rd party. And please don't even mention Winamp Remote.

WombatShare is actually quite nice despite no new development. However, it requires that the input plugin on the client support streaming. So if you use FLAC (like me) you're SOL because Winamp's FLAC input plugin doesn't support streaming (on the wishlist, but I doubt it will ever happen). Works well with MP3 though.

I've had to settle for doing all the library maintenance on one machine and using a batch file to copy it to other machines on my network. As long as all your media is on a shared folder mapped to the same drive letter on all the machines it works. Embarrassingly clunky, but better than nothing I guess...
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Well, I switched to MediaMonkey because it handles the network setup a LOT better. Winamp has a better sound engine, so I'd love to switch back someday. It makes me somewhat sad as I've been using winamp since the mid 90's
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