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Here's a list of plug-ins that are missing from's plug-ins section, including links to where to get them. (This list is by no means comprehensive.)
Note: Some of these plug-ins don't work with the latest versions of Winamp. If you're truly desperate to use one of the ones that no longer works, you could try downloading and installing an old version of Winamp (such as 2.5e or 1.92 SP) from winampheaven or, and see if the plug-in works then. Also note that I haven't tested all of these, and some may not work no matter which version of Winamp you use.

We recommend that you read Official 3rd-party Plugin Bug List before downloading any of these plugins.

Loads of rare plugins listed here: |


Adapt-X DirectX and Chronotron DSP plugins by Ianier Munoz

AdaptX DirectX Plugin Adapter Module, by GMixon:
Alternative site ( link is intermittent)

AlienDSP (includes wide stereo, stereo boost, amplitude modulation, pseudo stereo, remove voice, pitch, compression/expansion, echo, reverb, amplify, volume control with peaks reduction, and tremolo), by Allen Cheng (AlienTech Software):

AtomixAmp (calculates the BPM and changes the tempo (not the pitch) of the song), by Pol & Stef:

AudioStocker (no longer available and has been replaced by Octimax for a price of $19.95) (volume normalizer plug-in), by Leif "Liket" Claesson:
If link is down, try here

RockSteady (compressor/normalizer) (dead)


Crossfade DSP plug-in, by Spacial*Audio Solutions:

Dee (improves the sound by adding deeper bass, treble and richer 3d effect without distortion), by Dee systems: | (new version includes AGC)

DeFX (includes chorus, flange, phaser, voice removal, pitch change, reverberation, and balance effects), by Franco Catrin:

Diablo Sampler (It mainly mixes a wave file in realtime to Winamp's output. It has 30 sample slots, and loop/reverse capabilities.), by Marc S. Ressl: (adware/shareware)

MuchFX2 (DSP plug-in stacker), by Marc S. Ressl:

DSP Stacker, by Spacial*Audio Solutions:

Multiple DSP Stacker:

MultipleDSP plug-in, by Sander Schutten:
alternative direct download (source)

MasterMuxer (DSP Plug-in muxer, supports up to 9 DSP plug-ins)

HeadAmp (a simplified software implementation of the Bauer headphone compensation circuit), by Neill Corlett:

Limiter (useful for normalizing the sound level), by SqrSoft:

Pacemaker (tempo, speed, pitch control)

PitchFork (beatmixing plug-in with accurate cueing and BPM counter), by Leif "Liket" Claesson: |

Q-Filter QM2105 (a sweepable simple second order filter), by Marc S. Ressl:

Realizer (combines proprietary Bass Maximizer, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Enhancement algorithms), by Arboretum Systems:

Realizer Pro (combines proprietary Bass Maximizer, Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, Loudness, EQ and Stereo Enhancement algorithms), by Arboretum Systems:

Realizer Plus (expands on Realizer Pro by adding five new "effects:" mid-low and mid-high frequency boosters, a reverb section which controls diffusion and feedback, and a gain slider to increase the loudness of your music), by Arboretum Systems:

Replay Gain DSP plugin

ReplayGain component by Peter Pawlowski (for Winamp3 only).

Sander's WinAmp DSP Plugin versions 1.0 and 2.3 (includes pitch shifter, vocoder, wide stereo, mono difference stereo, delayed wide stereo, and volume effects):

Shibatch Super Equalizer, by Naoki Shibata:
If link is down, try here

SHOUTEnhance (a "Lite" version of AlienDSP), by Allen Cheng (AlienTech Software):

RTEQ - Real Time Equalizer, by Andrei Grecu (standalone or plugin):
Alternative download site

Vocal Remover plug-in, by AnalogX:


Loads of rare plugins listed here:

4P - PP's Plug-ins Package (collection of Peter "PP" Pawlowski's plug-ins, SuperPiMPed by Matthias "Thor" Stevens): (dead)

Album List (takes a directory tree & turns it into a list of albums), by Safai Ma:

Amarok Bookmark plugin (create sub-bookmarks for seekable songs, etc)

Argon (generates dynamic web pages with user-selected information from ID3 tags (including ID3v2) and MPEG streams and displays it in the Minibrowser), by Mikael Stalvik:

BrowseAmp (control Winamp over a network)

DDE support plug-in, by Peter Pawlowski:

DJ Quarc (lets you organize libraries of music files on CDs and HDs. Scan your volumes and you can search, load songs to Winamp, have an overview and see the recently played songs or playlists), by Quarc:

gen_yar (copies all songs in playlist to a folder)

Hitlist (keeps track of which songs you listen to the most, etc.), by STND:

LCD Plugin by Markus Zehnder

MP3Cue plugin (.cue file support) (updated for Winamp 5)

MP3 Stocker (MP3 organizer), by Leif "Liket" Claesson:

Netsync plugin (synchronize 2 winamps over a network) (beta8) (v4.0) | download

Nifty Dot Plug-in, by Nullsoft:

No Mousewheel plugin

Promedeus (suggests tracks and radio stations for you that you should like based on your personal taste in music):

RoboDJ (shuffle/random play enhancement)

SongRequester (a simple web server that allows people to add playlist entries into the Request Queue and serves up an HTML page containing your Winamp playlist), by Oddsock:

SpinAmp (lets you listen to streams from with Winamp), by The Wazmo Software:

Titlebar plugin, gen_tbar v1.49 (updated for WA5)

Universal Infrared Receiver, by Ties Bos:

Winamp Bitch (provides timing functions for Winamp, allowing it to function as an alarm clock), by Mark Christian:

Clever - Command Line plugin

WACommand - Command Line plugin

Winamp Command Line Interface, by Travis "Coyote" Parker (ArcCoyote) (simulates winamp button presses from command line):

Winamp History (monitors and saves data about songs played using Winamp), by Lyme Software:

WinAMP on TV (designed to be used to control WinAMP on a Television), by DudleySoft:

Winamp Toplist (lists your most-played songs), by ILR Software:

Now Playing plugins


Lots of rare Input plugins listed here:

AAC/MP4/M4A Input plugin by AudioCoding | download zip | download exe

Note: the iTMS M4P plugin is here

LPAC, AAC, APE, VQF, UMX plugins listed here:

APE, FLAC, MPC, WavPack plugins here:

MPC Musepack (in_mpc)

AC3 (install & add AC3 to in_dshow config) (input plugin)
http://xvalex.hotbox*****programs/in_vac3 (input plugin)

AdPlug (plays music, originally composed for the AdLib (OPL2) audio board, on top of an OPL2 emulator or by using the real hardware), by Simon Peter/dynamite!^tlp:

Old WMA input plugin from Winamp 2.50 (supports output/dsp plugins & eq)

ASF plug-in (a hacked version of Winamp's WMA plug-in v1.00, edited by The Wazmo Software to support .ASF files instead of .WMA files), by Microsoft & Nullsoft:

AUD player plug-in : discontinued, Winamp v2.77+ has built-in AUD support via new Waveform Decoder plugin.

Buzz Player, by Per-Olov Jernberg aka Illuminator:

FAAC (Freeware Advanced Audio Coder) plug-in, by M. Bakker et al.
(source code only):

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) (official home)

GBS (Gameboy sound file) plug-in(s?):

GSM plugin

GYM (Sega Genesis music file) plug-ins (and a CYM (Capcom arcade music file) plug-in):

in_bass plug-in (uses the BASS library (download) for playing MO3/XM/IT/S3M/MOD/UMX files), by Malte Clasen, Michael Baumann, and Ian Luck:
Now maintained by Hans Molin (v2.31):

in_mp3 version 2.34 (the final version of the Nitrane MP3 decoder, with the 100 Hz bug fixed):

in_mpg123 plug-in, by Shibatch (for older versions of 2.x):

Latest in_mpg123 plug-in, by Shibatch and YunaSoft (for Winamp 5):

LineIn plugin, by Jasper v/d Gronde:

Line Recording plug-in (for SHOUTcast), by Nullsoft:

LittleSiD Plug-in (plays Commodore 64 SID files), by Laurent 'LolOLOlo' Ovaert:

LPAC (Lossless Predictive Audio Compression) plug-in, by Tilman Liebchen:

Liquid Audio plugin (Official)

Liquid Audio AAC plugin

LQT (Liquid Audio) Plugin, by HF(?):
http://members.***********/~vfnac/ (dead)

MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder) plug-in, by Robert Leslie:

MadTracker 2 Player plugin, by Yannick Delwiche: |

Monkey's Audio (lossless audio compression format) plug-in, by Matthew Ashland:

Nullsoft CDDA plug-in v1.71 (CDDB2-free):

NotSo Fatso (NSF/NES plugin) by Slick Productions:

NSF (Nintendo sound format file) plug-ins:

Ogg Vorbis Input Plugin: (now bundled with Winamp, latest = v1.35) (from Winamp 2.8x) (v1.33a from Winamp 2.9x)

Playstation PSF plugin

PSG (Sega Master System music) file Player plug-in, by Chipmunk:

Tara's Audio Video Plugin (supports Real audio/video/jukebox, mpeg, avi and more):

RealAudio plugin (requires RealPlayer (G2 or higher) to be installed), by innover:
If site is down, try this mirror

Realized plugin (requires RealPlayer (G2 or higher) to be installed), by Hellsoft:
If site is down, try this mirror

RKAU (lossless audio compression format) plug-in, by Malcolm Taylor:

ShnAmp (plays Shorten SHN files), by Wayne Stielau:

SIDAmp (plays Commodore 64 SID files), by Grant Davies & Nick Kovac:

Sliding Tone Generator plug-in, by Molestior:

SPC plug-in, by Peter Pawlowski:

More SPC plugins/utilities here (SNESAmp / SPCAMP)

Speex plugin

Speex/Flac/Theora DirectShow Filters (add .spx etc to in_dshow config)

Tone Generator plug-in, by Nullsoft:

Unpack plug-in (handles ZIP and RAR compressed music files of any format supported by Winamp), by Christer Sundin:

USF (Nintendo64 Ultra Sound Format) 64th Note plugin

VQF Input Plug-in, by Peter Pawlowski:

Waveform Decoder plug-in (replacement for Nullsoft's in_wave.dll, with more functionality and support for more file types), by Peter Pawlowski: (now in Winamp setup, v2.77+)

WavPack (lossless audio compression) plug-in, by Conifer Software:

Weedsoft Video Plug-in, by Christopher Weed: (latest version)

Winamp 2.22's Fraunhofer MP3 decoder plug-in:

WMA input plug-in from Winamp 2.5, by Microsoft & Nullsoft:

MP3Pro plugin

A full list of 3rd-party movie/video/dvd plugins:


File Writer Output plugin by Jasper Gronde, supports MP3 (LAME dll/exe), Vorbis (dll/oggdrop), FLAC, APE, WAV, RAW PCM Outputs:

Kernel Streaming Output (plugin) (includes source)

AAC Output plugin | download

Advanced Crossfading Output, by SqrSoft:
If SqrSoft site is down, try here:
SqrSoft Advanced Crossfader
SqrSoft ACF Disk Writer

ASIO Output (with SSE support)

AWEamp (plays Winamp's output through AWE32/AWE64 wavetable MIDI interface), by Vladimir Marko (Yilard):

Crudsoft Gapless Output Plug-in, by Matthew Lloyd and Nathan Ford: |

DirectSound SSRC (Resampling) Output, by Peter Pawlowski

Gapless Output plug-in v0.6 (experimental), by Nullsoft:

GoGo-Wrapper plug-in (MP3 encoder plug-in that uses the GoGo encoder), by Boita:

Low-Latency waveOut plugin by Jasper Gronde

MP3 encoder plugin (comes with LAME DLL), by Peter Pawlowski:

MP3 Output plug-in, by John Adcock:

NULL Output Plug-In, by Nullsoft:

Ogg Vorbis Output plugin by Peter Pawlowski

Output Splitter plug-in (lets you use two output plug-ins at once), by John Adcock:

Output Stacker, by Dietmar Nowack

Output-Switch, by Frank Simon

Winamp Output Buffer Plug-in (out_buf)

WMA Output plugin from Winamp 2.x


AMPSaver (a simple screensaver designed to use WinAMP and a fullscreen WinAMP visualization plugin as your system screensaver), by Steve Orvell:

BANG, by Dallongeville:

Cthuga-4-Winamp, by Krunoslav Pisacic, Kevin Burfitt, et al.:

Dancing Stick Guy, by Justin Frankel/Nullsoft:

Whitecap, by Andy O'Meara:

G-Force, by Andy O'Meara:

G-Force Preferences Editor, by Brady:

Groovy LAVA! Plug-In:

LCD Plugins

Mp3 car plugin (displays info & spectrum analyzer on an LCD display), by Lorty:

Nullsoft AVS, old version from Winamp v2.74 (works without MMX):

Power PlugIn v1.06 (a speakers etc. vis plug-in), by Roman Komary: | download

Power Render Dancing Can, by Chris Egerter:

Rave, by Egerter Software:

Scope-Eye, by Benedikt Loesch:

Snakenet Metal Radio Winamp Speaker Plugin, by David Freerksen:

Space, by Dallongeville:

Sticky2 (a dancing stick figure plug-in that lets you draw your own stick figures), by Lucian Wischik:

Visualization Mux (lets you use multiple vis plug-ins at the same time), by Jason Crawford:

Warp, by Egerter Software:

WinAMP Speakers v2.0, by Niraj Bhawnani:

WPSS (Winamp Plugin Screen-Saver)

X-Plugin, speakers plugin by Roman Komary

Misc collections:

To obtain old versions of the plug-ins that came with Winamp, try this:
1. Go to or and download the version of Winamp that has the plug-in you want.
2. Install the file you just downloaded.
3. Find the *.dll file of the plug-in you want (e.g. in_wm.dll) (the plug-ins should be in C:\Program Files\Winamp\PLUGINS, by default), and copy the DLL to a temporary directory.
4. Reinstall the latest version of Winamp.
5. Copy the DLL back from the temporary directory to your plug-ins directory. You should be all set.

[updated by PP on 10/06/2001]
[updated by DJ Egg : 16th May 2004]
[last updated : 29th Nov 2004]
[Maintained mainly by DJ Egg : 2001-2005] | [report dead links here]
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