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many standard library realloc () are incorrect, I have therefore never used, I often have the fragmentation in my projects prevented either by unique allocation of a sufficiently large buffers, or by malloc and free (and retrieve it if it is necessary a larger buffer to allocate for example (10kb). So at start of scans alloc a probably large enough block, and if a new one is needed first check whether you need a bigger, if so then free () and then renewed malloc () when the required buffer smaller is then allocated to previously used again and again.
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that's one of the things i'm intending to try out within the confines of how things currently work i.e. attempt to allocate things in one go, though i think trying to use something like a memory mapped file might instead be the better way to go (it's used for a few other things, but not the main bulk of the db handling and that's something the OS can help out with if i remember how all of that works - has been a decade since i last looked into such things). is just time that's the issue to try things out...
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caution the mmap (CreateFileMapping) win32 implementation is very very bad the fragmented os the total memory until pagefile is full. It is ok if you always need a couple of a few files.
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